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Book 1Wake of the Slave-Maker

Join Wingnut and his Fire-Ant friends as they fight to overcome the treacherous Slave-Makers of Pirate Pond. Our young heroes are quickly cast into a sea of turmoil and must discover a way to find and rescue their Princess from the clutches of the Pirates. Young readers will enjoy the grand sense of adventure, funny characters, and epic battles while learning fun facts about ants, insects, and nature along the way.

Sample Chapters

Chapter Zero - An Important Introduction
Chapter One - A Routine Beach Party
Chapter Two - A Grand Landing

If you liked The HobbitHarry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, How to Train Your Dragon, or Spiderwick you might like Ants on Pirate Pond!


Book 2 ~ Flight of the Persistence

Book two follows Wingnut, Tinder, Glow, & Princess Blaize as they embark on a new journey to save their lost comrades. The story starts with a twist that sets them sailing into a nest of deceipt and discovery that will stretch them to their limits.

This book is in progress.



Book 3 ~ Pharoah & the Fire

In this story, our ants are swept away to a land of desert and sand where few ants can survive the heat, let alone the treachery.


Book 4 ~ The Hammer & the Chisel

This book is just an outline so far.


Book 5 ~ The War of Queens

Also just an outline.